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New Workshop Series: Building Quality Through Customer-Focused Services
How can you keep youth engaged and coming back for more services? The John Burton Foundation is pleased to offer a three-part workshop series focused on services from a youth-centered perspective and how to better the services currently offered to youth and young adults.

To get the most out of these trainings it is recommended that three to five staff members from each agency attend all three trainings.

  • Workshop #1: Creating a Welcoming Customer-Centered Environment
    March 20 from 1pm to 4pm
    Most youth programs work hard to be welcoming, engaging, and youth-oriented. Are you still hitting that mark? During this training, we will help you to reexamine key parts of your program in a new light - the physical space and a youth's first experience at your office with all the policies, procedures, and paperwork. You will receive resources to inspire some improvements to the youth's experience, and work with your coworkers to begin making some changes to be more youth and customer focused. Each attendee should bring a copy of his or her program's rules for use during the work-session with your co-workers.

  • Workshop #2: Meeting Clients Where They’ve Been
    April 23 from 1pm to 4pm

    It’s complicated! When you compound normal developmental and experiential growth during the teen aged and young adult years with poverty, education and career choices, foster care history, family instability, anger management issues, substance use, mental health diagnoses, addictions, and past abuse, it is indeed complicated. In order to effectively work with your youth to meet their goals for the future and to achieve positive outcomes at your agency, it is imperative to meet clients where they’ve been, understanding the past to help them move to success. This training will overlay trauma-informed service delivery and harm reduction to improve your program outcomes. Examine real client scenarios and identify better practices that mutually support your youth and your program.

  • Workshop #3: Utilizing These Principles in Dealing With the Crises
    May 23rd from 1pm to 4pm
    It can become more challenging and require significant creativity to mutually support your youth and your program when a crisis erupts. Utilizing a laser-sharp youth focus is essential to helping your youth overcome housing instability, relapses, mental health episodes, homelessness, family breakups, and sudden trauma. This session expands on the April training and will address youth focus in the more tumultuous surprises of life and will discuss program design and staff development to maintain and enhance the youth focus in your programs.

All trainings take place at the California Endowment, 1111 Broadway Street, Oakland, and are offered at no cost to participants thanks to generous funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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