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Technical Assistance and Training

One of the main objectives of the Homeless Youth Capacity Building Project is to provide training and technical assistance to our Network Members to build their capacity to access appropriate funding sources and to learn from other homeless youth providers. A description of the technical assistance and training the project will provide is outlined in the table below.

Training and Technical Assistance Strategy


One-on-One Technical Assistance

Network Members will receive individualized consultation specifically tailored to address the needs of the partner organizations, such as advocacy training, diversifying funding sources, and special topics in non-profit management. Members: Click here to request technical assistance.

Regional Trainings

Network Members will participate in quarterly workshops on special topics identified through organizational assessments, utilizing a range of teaching methods and focused heavily on the case method, in which organizational challenges faced by actual partner organizations are examined.

Leadership and Policy Roundtable

Network Members will engage in peer-to-peer education. This series of activities, including a quarterly conference call, an annual one-day retreat and two organizational site visits, will allow the organizations to share knowledge and best practices.

Educational Web Seminars

Via educational web seminars, Network Members will be provided with training and technical assistance on special topics identified through organizational assessments such as applying for public benefits, partnering with permanent housing providers, and the importance of accessing your Continuum of Care for HUD funding.

Statewide Convening

Network Members will convene annually with providers across the state, where additional technical assistance and training will be provided on a range of topics, and as an opportunity for providers to strengthen their statewide network and update them on timely policy developments on the local, state, and federal levels.

Technical Assistance Publications

Four publications will be disseminated, targeted specifically to the needs of homeless youth providers and aiming to have a lasting impact on the sustainability of organizations receiving technical assistance.

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