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Homeless Youth Agenda

In November 2009, the John Burton Foundation and the California Coalition for Youth jointly released a report, Too Big to Ignore: Youth Homelessness in California. This report outlines a comprehensive policy agenda to reduce youth homelessness in California. This policy agenda will be pursued as part of the Homeless Youth Capacity Building Project in an effort to expand the capacity of Network Members. Following is a summary of the recommendations proposed in the report:

Short-Term Strategies
Recommendations drawing on existing resources:

Long-Term Strategies
Recommendations requiring new public investment:

Build the capacity for homeless youth providers to successfully apply for local, state, and federal funding (particularly HUD funding)

Expand California’s THP-Plus program to serve three out of five eligible homeless former foster youth

Better accommodate homeless youth whose circumstances meet the legal definition of abuse or neglect in the foster care system

Extend the upper age limit for foster care in California to age 21

Increase access to SSI benefits for homeless youth with disabilities

Increase appropriations for the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act to $165 million annually and advocate for California to receive funding in proportion to its population

Utilize the State Interagency Team for Children and Youth as the primary body responsible for addressing youth homelessness at the state level

Expand California’s investment and expertise in youth homelessness prevention

Develop alternative regulations for California’s Basic Center programs to ensure sustained Runaway and Homeless Youth Act funding

Expand the federal Family Unification Program (FUP) authorization to better meet the needs of homeless transition-aged youth

Include the needs of homeless transition-age youth in the creation of a permanent funding source for housing development

Pursue a research agenda on homeless youth

Too Big to Ignore

Download the report.

To request a hard copy of the report, please email your request.



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